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Frequently Asked Questions
» What are the withdraw payment processors?

You may withdraw using 





Coin2send  in payment of  Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC)


Cryptocurrency to wallet withdraw

» What is the minimum withdraw?


$5.00 minimum PayPal, SKRILL


$2.00 minimum  PayPal, SKRILL


$1.00  Coin2send BTC or LTC

Crypto Blockchain withdraw to wallet options:

$6.00 minimum

    This is a new and unique feature we will try to encourage users who can not receive the usual payment systems please fill out a support ticket, include your currency choice, and your recieve address, this will be set as your preferred withdraw .

choose from the current Crypto available.

Bitcoin (withdraw at $1  Coin2send)

Litecoin (withdraw at $1  Coin2send)



Bitcoin Cash


Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens 

Basic Attention Token





» What are the fees to withdraw?

There is no fees or payment requried ever to withdraw! 

All users are given the opportunity to earn for free and withdraw all of thier earnings.

please be aware of fees we are not in control of!

Crypto-Currencies- many withdraws (except Coin2Send 0 fee) will require a mining transaction. This is set by the blockchain and we never charge an extra fee, users are welcome to withdraw in any approved crypto currency.

PayPal- by default PayPal will charge a fee of 0.30, plus 2.9%.  Please be aware when making a smaller withdraw it will be hit hard by these fees.

SKRILL- fee = 0 to users, we handle fees involved, so you recieve full amount, must be $5 Basic member, $2 Pro

» How Do Points Work?

Points are given to members  when they click ads, complete offers, and gain referrals.

Using points you may purchase PTC AD Credits, Banner AD Credits, or even Upgrade membership to PRO!

PRO members will be paid double what BASIC members earn on PTC ads

PRO members will receive more points than BASIC

The PRO members will be able to earn enough points in 90 days to extend PRO membership another 90 days!

members can go PRO forever FREE using POINTS!!